At Discovery, our mission is to REACH this generation with the Good News, and to EQUIP them to be mature followers of Jesus, being all that God has called them to be, and then to SEND them out our doors (locally and beyond) full of love and grace as they demonstrate the goodness of our Father and release Heaven here on earth. 


  • Be a Bringer (bring people)
  • Reach with your testimony.  Tell people about what God is doing and has done in your life.
  • Reach by Review (tell people your experience -- even online)
  • Let your light shine in love and with grace (demonstrate his love)


  • Attend services and events
  • Plug into a Small Group (offered on a semester basis)
  • Serve (we learn and grow AS we do)
  • Read your Bible and review scriptures discussed and referenced during services
  • Pray daily; all the time.  God wants to be involved in your day, acknowledge and interact with Him.
  • Self-paced growth through "My Journey"


  • Locally (every where you go, even the grocery store)
  • Far Away (missions)
  • Long Term (PCS, retirement, relocation)

"The Pastor is a real "shepherd", which is so hard to find these days. Training Up to send Out, for the glory of the Gospel. "

- Donna B.

"This is my church. Always have excellent praise and worship. I always enjoy Pastor Ron's message!"

- Jim Sabella

"To fellowship with like-minded individuals that genuinely love and serve the Lord is amazing! "

- Michelle Baterina