It's hard to summarize the gifts that people are (and have) in a few words.  
These descriptions are meant to inform, but they cannot encapsulate these leaders or their roles in there entirety.

Pastors Ron & Pam Stribling

Senior Leaders (Pastors)
Pastors Ron and Pam Stribling serve as Senior Leaders of a powerful Five Fold Ministry and church staff at DCI. Pastor Pam helped to found Discovery (which began as Word of Faith church) in 1982. Pastor Ron is originally from the Atlanta Area and pastored a church there. He and Pastor Pam were married in 2004 and initially led both the church in Atlanta and Discovery here in Jacksonville. After praying extensively, they decided to focus their efforts on Jacksonville.

Pastors Ron and Pam believe that Jacksonville (home of Marine Corps base, Camp LeJeune) is a strategic location with Apostolic potential to reach the world. Men and women are stationed at Camp Lejeune from all over the nation and then they are reached through the gospel, equipped with God’s Word and Spirit and then sent to release God’s Kingdom in the earth!

Discovery Church International, reflecting Pastors Ron and Pam’s diverse background, and its unique setting, has a strong “Word of Faith” emphasis, with an Apostolic/Prophetic anointing. The result is a “Word and Spirit” church that experiences and demonstrates the Supernatural Presence and Power of God. Jesus Christ is King and His Kingdom is testified to through the operation of the “Gifts of the Spirit” including healing and miracles.

Some other faces you may see this Sunday 

Sterling Osborne

Executive Pastor
Sterling was at the first gathering of this local body--he was 1 year old.  He grew up under this ministry and serving this house.  He has served on staff since 2003 and has a passion for function that serves the King.

Annie Osborne

Worship Pastor
Annie is a worshiper!
She leads the team who lead us in worship together, as well as all of those who (behind the scenes and in the booth) make worship within our assembly possible.  

Crystal Potter

Children's Pastor
Crystal is mama bear to DCI Kidz.  DCI Kidz is a team of people who ministers to children, infants through 5th grade.  They REACH, EQUIP & SEND the youngest (and often the boldest) among us. 

Joann Walker

Care Pastor
Joann provides dedicated support, compassion, and guidance to our congregation. She is committed to nurturing and uplifting our DCI Family. 

Chris Perez

Teacher / Band Director
Chris has a teacher's heart.  
He's in an integral part of music and function at DCI.