Welcome to Discovery

Discovery Church International (DCI) is a non-traditional, non-denominational,
grace-filled gathering of believers who....
hope to worship with you soon!

Your Time in Jacksonville, NC Matters

Ever felt like you were in a place that you didn't want to be or a place you knew to be temporary?  We don't believe you are here by accident.  In fact, we think you are right where you are supposed to be.  (Hear us out!)  What if we could, in this moment, both enjoy where we are in the journey and utilize this time to grow (be EQUIPPED) into  what God has in store for you next....then, as (and when) you are SENT from here, you'll be be poised for success (and enjoyment) in the next step!

Come As You Are

First, COME as you are.
We know that first visits can sometimes be uncomfortable.
We want to help as best we can to ensure your
 first visit is easy, comfortable and fun!
(What a crazy idea! But I bet we can do it.)

Come Expecting

COME expecting to encounter the love of the Father.
We hope you'll experience this love:
 in the faces you see,
the songs we sing (and the praise we bring),
in the words you hear,
in the actions of those serving,
BUT come expecting to experience his love in a personal and tangible way.  

Come This Sunday

COME this SUNDAY at 10:30am.
Although we start on time, we don't have a hard  ending time.
We encourage you to allow space and time to enjoy what God will do during our time together.
At the same time, we encourage people to shift out of service when/as they need without feeling remorse or pressure.